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Quality Guarantee

Our recordings are new and identical to those of the trade. We guarantee that we sell products from the same suppliers as other retailers in the UK. So you get genuine, high quality products - at great prices!


Our DVDs are region 2, which is the format for Europe.

There are various image formats for DVDs. You'll find two types of DVD at the 16/9 format (anamorphic, offering the best image quality), or 4/3.

The 16/9 standard is encoded with film in full screen making it possible to view on a 4/3 standard television screen.

On the 4/3 DVD, the full-screen film is compressed to adapt to a 4/3 screen, then decompressed by your DVD player.

The original film formats are: 2.35 (cinemascope); 1.85 (panoramic); 1.66 or 1.33 (full screen). Cinemascope technique is used to adapt films in 16/9 for a 4/3 screen by trimming down the sides of the image and compressing it slightly to show details which would disappear within this narrower framework. This method is now being used less and less, as DVD offers more options for viewing in 16/9.

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